Vivexotic Large Tortoise Table & Starter Kit

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This deluxe tortoise table starter kit includes everything you need to look after your tortoise.

Includes Vivexotic deluxe tortoise table and starter kit.

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Our starter kits include everything you need in caring for a tortoise.

Kit Includes: Tortoise Table, 25ltr dust free hemp bedding, 100W combined heat, light and U.V lamp, aluminum done lamp holder, heat mat, medium wooden hide, komodo complete pellet food, liquid thermometer, calcium & vitamin supplement, food & water dishes.

The Vivexotic Deluxe Tortoise Table makes an ideal home for Mediterranean Spur Thighed, Hermann’s, Marginated, Horsfield, Leopard and Sulcata tortoise species.

Glass panels to the front and sides provides a superb all round view of your tortoise whilst the printed grass pattern prevents your tortoise ‘banging’ against the glass – a common problem with glass enclosures.

The full length removable mesh lid allows full ventilation, whilst preventing other pets jumping into the table and the included easy to fit Exo-Terra light bracket makes adding an essential and adjustable overhead heat source simple.

The table can be used on its own or combined with a Vivexotic Large Deep oak cabinet for added storage (sold separately).

Quality manufactured in the UK, the Vivexotic Deluxe Tortoise Table is easy to assemble and will provide a stylish, durable home for your tortoise for its life.

Measurements(mm): 1150(W) X 275(H) X 610(D)

The extra large Vivexotic tortoise table is:
Sustainable – All our timber comes from recycled sources of FSC sustainable forests.
Easy Self Assembly – They are designed with as few parts as possible for quick and easy assembly.
Toughened Glass – All the glass used is toughened to BS- EN-12150 kite marked standards.
Superior Ventilation – They all now include an innovative ventilation system.


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