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Tortoise wormer plus

The secret to a successful hibernation and general health for your tortoise is tortoise wormer plus.

Why stress your tortoise taking them away to get them wormed when you can do it easily at home with Tortoise Wormer Plus. Designed help keep your valued tortoise in tip-top condition.

For the first time ever, your pet tortoise can be wormed at home without taking them away to worm them. This is less stressful for the animal, easier and less expensive than any other way of treating in the past.

Tortoise wormer plus is a flubendazole based medication for use against intestinal helminthic worms and external ticks, to keep your tortoise in tip-top condition and health.

Worms are a fact of life for tortoises, which in the past has been responsible for many failed hibernations. Every tortoise can carry its own complement of parasitic worms. When in good condition and health, these worms are not a problem., but as soon as the tortoise is stressed or hibernating, its natural immunity is compromised and internal parasites can take hold.

This product will control tapeworms and other helminths, and help to ensure a successful hibernation. It is advisable to use this product again when any tortoise is waking from hibernation to help them recover and pick up strength quickly after a long sleep.

Tropical tortoises need only be wormed 2-4 times a year, whereas with hibernating species, it is advisable to worm before hibernation and again upon waking from a long hibernation period for safe recovery. For maximum protection, use every three months, the same as you would treat a cat or dog.


Shake the contents of the sachet well, measure out the correct dosage for each tortoise to be treated. This will need to be sprinkled over enough food for one animal, per meal, per day.

If you are treating more than one animal at a time, they will need to be separated while being wormed and treated with this product. This can be repeated if necessary for up to 4 days without any ill effect.

It is possible to add this treatment to a lukewarm water bath at the dose of one level scoopful (supplied) per two litres of lukewarm water and mix well. If possible sit the tortoise in the solution so it can lift its head above the water level for 20 minutes.

Please note some tortoises may keep their head under the water for well over five to ten minutes at a time. This is normal and they are merely just drinking, and not drowning as long as the water level is halfway up the body/shell of the animal and they can lift their head up comfortably above the water level.


Use 0.3g, or one level 0.5 ml scoop (included) per 2litres of lukewarm bathing water, or sprinkle over enough food for one meal per animal to be treated. It is a good idea to gently mist warm water over any food to be treated, to make the powdered medication ‘stick’ to the food and be consumed by the tortoise being treated. This is the best way of administering this treatment.

This treatment can be safely re-dosed again if a second treatment is necessary for heavy infestations.

The correct dosage to cover all weights of tortoises are per animal:

25 grams to 250 grams = 1 x Level blue scoop
251 grams to 2.5 kg = 2 x Level blue scoops
2.5 kg and over = 3 x Level blue scoops

Tortoise wormer plus retails at just £11.99 RRP and a 5g pack which will treat several tortoises. It also has an extra ingredient that kills ticks.

This veterinary medicine is marketed in accordance with the small animal exemption scheme.


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