Starter Kits

Our starter kits include everything you need in caring for your tortoise.

Our kits include: U.V Light, Heat Lamp, Heat Mat, Thermometer, Substrate, Food and Water dishes, Vitamin and Calcium supplement, Food, and a Hide.

Our tortoise table kits are the most popular type of housing. Removable, decorative glass panel makes easy access for cleaning.
Features an enclosed sleeping area with a hinged lid.
We stock two sizes, one with an optional stand and another with an optional cabinet.

Our vivarium kits have both adequate ventilation and heat retention for all species of tortoises. All sizes come with optional cabinet.

Both table and vivarium starter kits are suitable for most tortoises.
However, we recommend vivariums for Red-footed and Indian Star tortoises as they require a humid habitat.

If you need advice please call us 01268 726216 we are happy to help.

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