The Horsefield Tortoise has many names such as:

  • Central Asian Tortoise
  • Afghan Tortoise
  • Russian Tortoise
  • Russian Steppe Tortoise
  • Four Clawed Tortoise
  • Testudo Horsefieldi

The Horsefield tortoise is a small tortoise, ranging from about 15 to 25 cm in size. Females grow slightly larger than the males and males have a slightly longer tail that is tucked to the side. These tortoises have four toes and have a life span of about 75 years. This species of tortoise is very sociable with humans and make wonderful pets.

What to Feed your Tortoise

The Horsefield Tortoise is a herbivore. These tortoises should be fed grasses, leafy greens, vegetation and flowers of non-poisonous plants and weeds. They require a well- balanced diet to keep them healthy so you can also give them food pellets occasionally. Research is necessary to make sure the correct diet is given.

Foods to avoid include:

Iceberg Lettuce

It is also important that you do not overfeed as this can lead to health complications.

Calcium Rich foods are essential to keep the shell healthy. You can buy a good calcium supplement from your local supplier. A Cuttlefish is also good to place within their enclosure as it is rich in calcium and helps keep their beaks in good condition.

Do not feed Meat Products

Tortoises require fresh drinking water at all times.