The Hermann’s Tortoise is sometimes known as a Mediterranean tortoise or Testudo Hermanni. This species originates from Southern Europe and they are comprised of multiple Testudo species. A Hermann’s Tortoise is a small to medium-sized tortoise and can grow up to 20cm in size and can live for 75 years or more.

This species of tortoise are herbivores and require a low protein and low-fat diet and one that is rich in Fibre and Calcium. A lack of Calcium is a common cause of nutritional problems; supplements can be given for this.

Avoid overfeeding your tortoise. The ideal diet is leafy greens – Clover, Dandelions, Chicory Sow Thistle, weeds, etc…

A Cuttlefish kept in the enclosure will also give an extra source of calcium and help to keep their beaks trimmed.

They also like fruit – but not too much!

Do not feed Meat Products

Supplements such as Vitamins A, B, C, and D can also be provided on a weekly basis to keep your tortoise healthy.

Tortoises require fresh drinking water at all times.

A Good Size Indoor box for an Adult Tortoise is 60x120cm. Obviously Natural sunlight is best for your pet but in our climate, this is not always possible. So a Tortoise box or enclosed area that has light and heating and good air circulation is perfect. It is essential that you have a UVB Tube and a spot bulb basking lamp should also be provided.

It is good for your pet to be outside a nice day but be warned, they are better climbers than you think. And If you lose him it could be like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you can section off a part of your garden and make it secure, it will make a perfect place for your tortoise to wander.

They love foraging for food so make it safe. Provide a box for you tortoise so it can have shade from the sun. Your pet will love some large rocks to climb so they can catch those sun rays. You can also plant some of his favourite leafy plants he can devour.