Small Vivarium Tortoise Starter Kit


Small Vivarium Starter Kit with no Vivarium.

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Small Repti-Home Vivarium Tortoise Starter Kit includes:

Heat lamp and holder, UV light and starter unit, heat mat, hide, food and water dishes, complete diet, calcium and vitamin supplement, thermometer and bedding.

Some items may vary from the image.

Please bare in mind these Repti-Home vivarium’s are very small and can quite easily over-heat. We would recommend using a thermostat and to keep a close eye on the temperature.

The Benefits

-Improved fixings – every Repti-Home vivarium comes complete with OneFix connectors – top quality, plastic connectors that combine the housing and the bolt in one single fitting – which means fewer fittings, quicker assembly and no corrosion! They will also ensure your tortoise will be in safe and secure hands in his new home!
-Provides the ability to create a combination of vivariums units to meet your requirements.
-Sliding glass doors.
-Handy locking hole to get optional lock.
-Clear silicone handle added making it easy to open and close your vivarium.
-Optional, adjustable, silver feet available separately in packs of 2 (PT3969)

Dimensions (mm): Width 575, Depth 375, Height 421

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