Komodo Tortoise Edible Bedding 10L


Komodo Tortoise Edible 10L Bedding is a complementary feeding material for all tortoises.

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Komodo Tortoise Edible 10L Bedding is a blend of botanical flowers, leaves and dried grasses, suitable for all species of tortoise.

Raspberry leaf is high inn crude fibre and superb herb Nettle is rich in potassium and calcium, making both a healthy snack, whilst Mallow Flowers often provide a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, helping to keep your tortoise relaxed.

Composition: Dried Grass, Nettle Leaf, Cornflowers, Dandelion Leaf, Raspberry Leaf, Marigold Flowers, Hibiscus Flowers, Rose Flowers, Mallow Flowers.

Feeding Instructions: Lay or position in dry areas of habitat.

Serve as a treat.

Removed soiled leaves and replace as required.

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