Exo-Terra Reptile Aluminium Dome


Exo-Terra Reptile Aluminium Dome available in 6″/15cm and 8″/21cm.

Designed for screw fit bulbs up to 75w and 160w.

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The Exo-Terra Reptile Dome has an extra long aluminum reflector dome that extends beyond the face of most bulbs.

The Reptile Dome Fixture gives you the versatility of placing heat and / or light sources on your terrarium where needed.

The aluminum reflector increases the light, UVA and UVB output significantly.

This multi-purpose fixture fits a variety of screw-based bulbs including; Intense Basking Spot, Daylight Basking Spot, Halogen Basking Spot, Daytime Heat Bulb, Night Time Heat Bulb, Infrared Basking Spot, Natural Light, Reptile UVB100, Reptile UVB150, Reptile UVB200 and Solar Glo.

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6” (75W max), 8” (160W)


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