Arcadia T8 D3 Forest 5% Lamps


Arcadia T8 D3 forest lamps are ideal for forest tortoises such as Redfoot, Yellowfoot and Hingeback tortoises.

Available in 4 sizes.

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Recommended for forest tortoises such as Redfoots, Yellowfoots, and Hingebacks.

The Arcadia Reptile Euro-Range is a new high-quality, long-life and high output range of T8 reptile lamps.

We have now been able due to huge improvements in technology to produce a range of T8 lamps that emit upper levels of UVA and UVB and also have a full 9 months life span.

Other than our Arcadia D3 and D3+T8 and High Output T5 range, these lamps typically last a full 3 months longer and emit up to 3x more UVB than competitive lamps and what’s more they are made to the very highest quality in Germany!

The Arcadia Reptile Euro-Range simply provides more UVB than other T8 lamps for a longer period of time and all at a fraction of the cost of unregulated Asian imports.

– 5.0% UVB for the synthesis of vitamin D3.
– Long life span – provides a full 9 months of UVB.
– Excellent colour emissions (high CRI) – for better looking more naturally coloured animals.
– Typically x3 more usable UVB than most lamps.
– Total UVC protection.
– Balanced UVA to UVB ratio.
– High-quality product at a value price.

Available in 4 sizes.

Made in Germany.

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18" (450mm) – 15W, 24" (600mm) – 18W, 30" (750mm) – 25W, 36" (900mm) – 30W


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