2023 UK Bred Redfooted Tortoise

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July 2023 hatchlings.

They are currently 7-10cm. Red-footed tortoises will grow to about 35cm. Care requirements for a Redfoot’s are very different to other tortoises. See below for full description.

We can deliver tortoises to England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Click here to see our delivery options.

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Red-footed tortoises are a type of tropical tortoise which have a unique coloured red pattern on their shell with a red face and feet. We recommend to house Red-foots in a vivarium to create a tropical humid habitat, this cannot be done in an open enclosure.

Tortoises are cold blooded reptiles that need heat to function. Red-footed tortoises require a basking hotspot temperature of 85F-90F during the day. At night time the temperature should between 70F-75F.These tortoises come from a humid, tropical rainforest where air humidity is high.

They also require UVB lighting for at least 12 hours a day which stimulates appetite, activity and promotes vitamin D3 synthesis which tortoises need to absorb calcium.

A multi-vitamin supplement must be added to their daily diet (Reptavite/Calcium Powder). Red-footed tortoises are omnivores and can eat wider range of foods than any other tortoise. Naturally they would feed on fruits, weeds, plants and animal protein. Visit our tortoise diet page to find out the best foods to give your Red-foot. Fresh food should be given everyday.

Tortoises drink very little water. They should be bathed in a shallow dish of fresh warm water at least once a week. This helps them release their motions and uric acid. Fresh water should be given everyday.

We use ProRep bark chip course as substrate for Redfoots as it is soft and holds moisture. This substrate should be sprayed with fresh water daily to create a humid habitat. Droppings can be picked out daily and cleaned out fully every 3 weeks or when necessary.

Red-footed tortoises do not hibernate.

We have complete starter kits that include everything you need to care for your Red-footed tortoise.

ORIGIN: South America
AMBIENT TEMP: Day: 80F + 85-90F Hotspot / Night: 75F
FOOD: Omnivore

A care sheet will be included when purchasing your tortoise with all the information you need to care for it. We are also available everyday to offer help and advice if you need it.

What you need to look after a baby Redfoot: Heat and UV light, Heat mat, Calcium and Vitamin Supplement, Thermometer, Reptile treated substrate that holds moisture, Hide, Food and Water Dishes and Pellet food.

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7 reviews for 2023 UK Bred Redfooted Tortoise

  1. Angela clarke (verified owner)

    Received a fantastic beautiful lively little tortoise. Was delivered in a lovely warm bax you could see that great care was taken in the delivery. Would highly recommend this company would give more stars if could *****************

    • Jack

      That’s great news Angela! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review, it really means a lot to us. We hope to hear from you in the future. Take care.

  2. Samantha Hind (verified owner)

    I received my beautiful little redfoot on the 28th of may. I would highly recommend as the service was great. And my beautiful little tortoise looks well taken care of. I also brought a adult redfoot from this store almost 2 years ago and the staff were
    really friendly and helpful..

    • Jack

      Hi Samantha, we are so pleased you’ve had such a good experience with us. Thank you for taking the time to write this review. We hope to hear from you in the future.

  3. Laura (verified owner)

    So happy with our little redfoot! Everyone was super helpful and he was delivered first thing so didn’t have to go through too much travel. Very well and safely packaged and transported. He is perfect and healthy. Would fully recommend!

    • Jack

      That’s great to hear Laura. Thank you for taking the time to write this review. Take care and we hope to hear from you in the future.

  4. Maria Gutierrez

    We are very happy with the very cute red footed tortoise, especially my son. Everything was as what was described online. Quick when responding to questions.. Thank you.

  5. elizabeth edwards (verified owner)

    very happy with this tortoise and had really good advice would defo get another

  6. Adam Halliday

    Got my new little buddy blaze today he was pacaged pefectly and seems to be doing well and he definetly likes his new home, i would definetly recomend if you would like a red foot tortoise!

  7. Katie (verified owner)

    I would just like to say thank you so much for our tortoise! My 5 year old daughter requested a tortoise for Christmas and she got a special delivery this morning. The tortoise came very carefully packaged and you van tell they are veery well looked after/cared for. My daughter has named it Leonardo after seeing the ninja turtles! The box in which our new family member came in was well protected and they even took the time to write merry christmas on and an instruction to give him/her a warm bath. I just think every thing was taken care of so lovely and the care etc even the customer service when i called up for some more info was fantastic! You’ve made a little girl very very happy and us! Thank you ever so much! Merry christmas to you all!

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