Since the 1980's as a store have been successfully breeding many different species of Tortoise. We supply the most popular breeds kept in the U.K. Take a look at our Tortoises for sale

Please ensure you have the correct equipment in caring for a tortoise before you proceed. 
 Tortoises need: U.V Light, Heat Lamp, Heat Mat, Thermometer, Substrate, Food and Water dishes, Vitamin and Calcium supplement, Food, and a Hide.  

If you are unsure or need advice please call us 01268 726216.

We offer complete starter kits with everything you need in caring for a tortoises.

Latest Updates

UK Captive Bred 2017 Marginated Tortoises In Stock!

UK Captive Bred 2017 New Baby Giant Sulcata Tortoises for sale

If you are concerned about hibernating your tortoise, please read our hibernation page or give us a call 01268 726216 

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Below is a list of tortoises for sale, please feel free to browse through and get in touch with any questions. 
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